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Hitch Or Roof Rack For Bike Rack

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Anyone knows if installing these would void the warranty of HS 250H?

Also, anyone knows of the best solution?



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Installing either is not going to void your warranty. I've used roof, trunk lid and hitch mounted bike racks and the only type I would ever use, now that I know the advantages and disadvantages of each type, is a hitch bike rack.

I actually can't think of any advantages of a roof or trunk lid rack, other than they can be the cheapest, but some people think roof racks are "cool". Trunk lid racks can do damage - sure had that happen. Roof racks are horribly noisy when driving at normal highway speeds, difficult to get bikes on and you always have to worry about forgetting the bikes are on top and trashing them by driving into a garage, etc.

A hitch mounted rack puts all the noise behind you ... easy to put the bikes on ... can be used to hold a bike while you work on it.

The same place I bought the trailer hitch for my LS has one for your HS: Prices for hitch mounted racks are all over the map. My simple one is 22 years old probably cost less than $50 back then. Here's a photo with it on my LS.

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