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Exhaust Fumes


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I took my '99 300 in yesterday after being engulfed in fumes while sitting at the bank. Previously I had only smelled fumes when the venting changed from recirculating to outside air. This is a PreCertified previously owned vehicle so I have no idea what maintenance was done prior to my ownership or if the wrong transmission fluid might have been used as others suggest on this forum. I have had all service done by Lexus and it has gotten oil changes from the dealer every 3000 miles since I purchased it 13,000 miles ago.

The dealer is saying they have found no exhaust problem. I guess that means I'm imagining the smell. Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can make the dealer be more responsive to me? Has anyone else experienced this problem and have any suggestions?

I feel like the Lexus' pre-certification program has nothing to do with value and quality and am just sick that I spent so much money.

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No, I've not talked sludge or transmission fluid details yet but I will go to the dealer again today and take what I have learned from this forum. If there was a rotten egg smell, it would have been overtaken by the smells of all of the hydrocarbons and non-burned stuff that I was smelling and being affected by.

Besides them disavowing the existence of a problem, I realized when I started to learn about problem that it is carbon monoxide that makes not fixing it truly dangerous if some exhaust is entering the cabin of the vehicle. Interestingly enough, ever since I got this car, I would tell friends how difficult it was for me to drive long distances because I couldn't stay awake - which is really strange since I suffer from insomnia. Realizing that maybe the carbon monoxide might be the culprit to my driving sleepyness strikes me as something that Lexus shouldn't ignore. Except they will want to disavow anything if this the case.

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