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Aftermarket Rotors

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My GS is in need of a brake service and I am looking into replacing the rotors with a set of cross-drilled or slotted rotors. I am looking for comments on the various brands and any likes/dislikes. Any help or suggestions will be much appriciated.



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Brembo's (non slotted, non drilled) work like a charm. You can go for the pad eating, noise making variety (slotted) if you think it makes you look cool.

Tirerack has them for a reasonable cost. $66.00 for the front, $70.00 for the rear for a 2000 GS400 for example.

IMHO a rotor is a rotor unless you're into racing. I've had every type of rotor available; drilled, slotted, cryogenically frozen, etc. and the car never stopped any better than with the plain ole' iron smoothies.

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GuyTelefunken: The $66/$70 prices are for the plain ones. The cross drilled for long range driving do have a benefit, or slotted for coassional racing.

Nick: If you want the cross drilled or slotted, I can get ya hooked up.


replace # with @

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FYI-The Brembo OEM replacement rotors at Tirerack are NOT coated/plated and will corrode. Can anyone recommend a coating to spray on the hub portion? I was thinking of a heat paint or "Cast blast" -type coating. While we are at it, can anyone recommend a caliper paint brand or tips?

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While I have NOT used this particular product yet, I can tell you that "Eastwood" at has a great reputation, and I've used a lot of their other paints and products. They have some caliper paint as well that I've been wanting to buy. They truly sell quality stuff, check'em out!

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