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A member contacted me concerned because of the warn buttons he saw in his profile information, he felt he had been singled out because he was the only one with these buttons.

This is NOT the case. Every member has these buttons, the reason it seems to a member like he or she is the only one is because you cannot see other member's buttons and warn level, only your own. To us managers, moderators, and admins we can see EVERYBODY's warn buttons and levels, I never realized that individual members could not see the buttons at least. I apologize on the part of the administration for not making that clear.

The warn buttons are a part of the new software bundle that was installed a few months ago and since that time have only been used once, by me, to stop a spammer from posting on the site. So far other than that there has been no need to use them which speaks volumes about the quality of our membership.

So those who were concerned can relax, NOBODY on the site has a warn level higher than 0%, and if a member were to be warned warned the system automatically sends them a PM and an email and explains why.

I'll leave these threads open so that we can answer your questions.


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You don't have 5 buttons

There are 5 possible levels for being warned, yours are all dormant, they're pink. If you were to be warned one by one each level would turn red. Think of it like a gas gauge, yours is empty.

Everyone has the exact same warn buttons and gauges, relax ;) If you were ever to be warned you would know it because the system automatically sends you a PM.

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question. what are those grey bars. some people have diffeent levels. some people i can not see some i can. like i have 2 grey bars. its right under the regular group member on my thingy

these are whats known as 'pips' and represent your psot count.

the more valuable posts you make, you will get more pips.

The idead is that people with more posts have a higher pip count.

This bears no resemblance to your warning level

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