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Newbie Needs Advise 1990 Ls 400


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I am looking for a 90-93 LS400 and would like some tips on what to look out for on this model. I have browsed thru the forums and know about the climate control display, and the speedo needle and also the steering pump leak. These are all common failures in this vehicle but they are also fairly obvious. Are there other problems that are less obvious that I should look out for?


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A few things I would add to that excellent list from Wandawoods ...

Records and receipts: Most car crazies I know can show you the receipt for every service and part that was ever purchased. OK, I'm "over the top", but I've always documented gas fillups (to track mileage trends), tire pressure checks, when I last waxed the car, etc., etc.

Number of owners: The fewer owners, the more certain you are of getting accurate and complete information. Both my next door neighbor and I bought our 90 LS's new and parted with them in the past few months. There are lots of early LS's that have had only one or two owners.

A straight body: Keeping a car free of dings and scratches over 10 - 14 years can take a lot of dedicated "defensive parking". People that go this extra mile are probably more likely to take care of the whole picture.

Information from the owner's mechanic: Has the owner had a particular mechanic who has cared for the car over the years and can you speak with him in private?

Best of luck on your purchase!

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Oh, another common problem are the bushings in the lower side of the car. Also, sensativity of the steering wheel, and leather cracks are also common issues.

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