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Pass Thru Door To Trunk


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A couple of wish-list items....

1) I'd like a pass-thru door to the trunk via the back seat arm rest compartment. Is there a kit for that? Or can somebody recommend a quality shop to do this kind of work in the San Francisco Bay Area. It seems to be quite involved. Not sure if just cutting a hole will suffice. Re-upholstery needs to be redone for something like this. Please advise, thanks.

2) There are no cup-holders for the back seat passengers. Is there an accessory available? I think any cupholder accessory will most probably have to sit on the raised center spine area. Maybe have to build my own...... Any recommendations? Thanks.

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for the 98-00 models and perhaps even earlier,

Lexus integrated a two - cup holder that retracks within the rear center armrest cushion.

I have one on mine :D

If you find these years center'll find the cupholders too! :lol:

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I'm not aware of any kits for the cupholder or the rear-pass thru. Tansupplyman is correct, the fuel tank is there, but I guess someone could make a hole.

I doubt the upholstry will be effected if you add a pass thru hole.

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