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I had a new starter put in car 7 months ago, also had timing belt done with water pump, and other work done. Car was running great, started all winter, no issues. Then today I went to start car and nothing, no clicking, completely dead. Only thing unusual that happened was 10 minutes before I parked car I was driving and spilled a coke, actually a lot of coke, some of it may have leaked into center console. Tried jumping it and smoked a set of jumper cables. I am thinking it is the starter again which means more money spent on this. After coming from a Honda prelude this car has been a major disappointment and I want to get it running so I can sell it ASAP.

Any help would be appreciated, I am not a car mechanic guy so as simple as possible

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Did you have the jumper cables reversed ? Why would you jump without a diagnoses, Could have been something simple. Now after the smoking jump fiasco who knows what's fried...Sell it as is before you really mess up a Great car if that hasen't been done already. Oh and by the way...You should have asked for help before you tried to jump.

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