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brought in the car to the dealer, everyone is puzzled to what they encounter, they never have this kind of problem especially for a new one... to make the story short, they brought down the transmission and what they saw was the transmission seal was pinch in the corner and they said that it was done at the manufacturing plant during the installation... car is still at the dealer waiting for the part.... anybody who ever have this problem on their rx 350 esp on a new 2012?.... if if get fix, what is the performance of this car after?

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just got a 2012 rx 350 two weeks ago, transmission is leaking with only 745 miles.. anyone have this kind of problem?

Lexus adopted the Ford Escape F/awd system as of the 2010 MY.

F/awd systems of this type, rear diff' mounted electromagnetically actuated clutch, seem to be highly subject to overheating of the F/AWD driveline components. Especially so if the F/awd mode is used/engaged at inappropriate times. The PTO ring/pinion typically overheats, heating the ATF, and the pressure therefrom blows a seal of two.

The RX350 has a driver controlled F/awd engagement capability which should NEVER be used except in KNOWN low/marginal traction conditions. Bad enough that the system is always engaged, even in HIGHLY TRACTIVE conditions, during low sped acceleration or when turning tightly or accelerating into, in, a turn.

Personally were I to own one of these F/awd systems I would modify the rear clutch circuit such that it would NEVER engaged unless I manually switched it on, which I would only do in KNOWN slippery roadbed conditions.

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just got my car back from the dealer (BAY RIDGE LEXUS OF BROOKLYN, NY) after a week, so far everything is good leak from the transmission is gone! .... the service dept personnel are very good and knowlegeable, Andy my service advisor and Mario who is their master mechanics was very focus into this unusual problem from the biginning to the end in solving this, and also my very patience salesman Miguel who is following the situation and giving me uptodate on what is going on... made an arrangement to pick up the car late in the night and he was there waiting for is clean, in and out... they take care of it just like its their own... thanks folks... job well done!

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