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1992 Ls 400 New Owner


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Hi Everyone, I am new to this board, and am also a new Lexus owner. I just purchased a 1992 LS 400. It has 60,121 miles. Pearl White, Leather heated seats, Moon Roof, Nakamich with 6 CD changer and I guess all the options.

This car looks and feels loke a new car. I love it. :)

As far as I can tell, everything works. Since I got it though, it seems the brightness switch for the panel lights is no longer working. It is locked on brightest. I can live with that.

This is the first car I ever owned. I always leased new Toyota Camry's, or other new cars. So I'm a little shaky about a 12 year old car. But I plan on keeping this car a long time. I just hope I won't have to start shelling out for repairs too soon.

I look forward to learning from all the experienced Lexus owners here, that may give me an edge as a non-mechanic.



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Robert- will the lights dim when you turn the switch when the headlights are turned on? On my 90 LS400, the lights will not dim, even by the switch, unless the parking or headlights are on. This is a safety feature I guess. Let us know if this works.

BTW- nice car. It is not even yet broken in at 60K. My 90 LS has 227,750.

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Hi Robert,

Great to have you as a member of LOC. I love your car, it is beautiful. New Jersey also has a special place in my heart as well as my wife works in Roseland NJ which is where our LS is currently garaged.

In essence, you have a nearly new $40,000 car. I have several repair tutorials on file from me and others (such as Oberg) so let me know if you need anything. i have brakes (by Me) throttle body cleaning (by Curt Oberg) and automatic tilt wheel gear repair. I also have notes I have saved on some other stuff.

Anyway, enjoy you LS, you are driving the finest vehicle in the world (in my opinion). The only really big problem I had with my LS, is that the first time my wife drove it, she claimed it. She said it is the best driving car she has ever had. I said, uh huh.


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Yeah, sorry the picture is so big. I have to get the hang of it here. I tried to put in size, but it didn't take. I will make the source photo smaller. Anyway, I will have make much better pictures now.


Welcome to the club. I've uploaded your image on our server. The link below will take you there. Use this image to create an Avatar or signature.

If you need help creating it, PM me or VMF and we can walk you through it.

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