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Cleaning Wood Grain

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Check the owners manual first, failing that.....I would call your Lexus dealer & see if there are any special cleaners for wood they have or recommend.. I usually just use a damp rag to wipe things like the dash & center console down & twice a year put special vinyl & leather cleaners to keep things looking new. Also, I find a swiffer works great for quick cleanings & to control dust. Stay away from Armor All as it cracks the dash & has a bad reflection in the sunlight that could impair visibility in bright sunlight & is very slippery.


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The wood is clearcoated, much like a car's exterior paint. I remove debris from the wood with a can of compressed air, then use mother's quick detail spray on it as an initial wipe down, follow that with meguiar's scratch X, and finalize with a wax. I do this about once a month, and just dust it periodically.

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You can use anything on the wood you would use on the paint. I use Pledge, wax, sealant, Plexus, several things. Just make sure to use a microfiber towel so as not to scratch it, the wood scratches easily.

And actually "Armor All Will Crack Your Dash" is really just an urban myth. That may have been true a few years back when they used solvents, but Armor All is now water based and 100% safe, it will not damage anything.

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