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Tach Reading At 70 Mph

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I'm trying to diagnose a transmission issue on my 2000 GS300 (50k mi). When accerating normally it shifts fine (perfectly, actually), unless I'm going downhill. For example, on a long interstate entry ramp, if I'm still going downhill when it should shift into 5th, it will continue to rev up to and above 4k rpm. Not until I get to level ground will it shift into 5th. All shifts on level or uphill are normal.

One of the things I want to be able to determine is whether I'm in 5th or 4th in varying conditions. To that end I'd like to know that my reading of 2800 rpm at 70 mph is typical. Can anyone confirm that reading?

I'd also appreciate any historical info on the problem I've described above. I'm going to let a dealer take a look as soon as I can locate a road on which I can duplicate the symptom near a Lexus dealer. fyi, I just bought the car from a private lot, and it is perfect in every other way. I did'nt notice this issue sooner because I seldom drive in an area where I'm still going downhill when it should shift to 5th.

Thanks for any help.

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