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1994 Es300 Key Programming

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Bit the bulllet and paid the $331 from (Sewell Lexus in Texas).

Went with this option as all I was going to have to purchase two keys anyway ($84), and all I was trying to accomplish as keyless entry. For a good Remote startwith keyless plus 2 keys I only got one key when I purchased the car about a month ago) I wasgoing to be in the $500 range from what I read in he forums here concening the remote stat unit and doing my wn research for a good remote start unit.

Just one other note - realy apreciateall the knowledge and experienceshared through these forums. I am a DIYer, so I will be glad to add any of my experiences as well to ep any other Lexus novices ther may be.


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When you ordered the part what was the name. I have a 1997 ES300 and want to use the keyless function. I just purchased my Lexus and it only came with 1 key also. Does any one know if the chip is in the same location. Also did you have to have it cut to match or send in your key to have them cut it for you? This is driving me crazy.

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I got these at

You can search by year and model. All i needed to supply was the VIn number and verification i owned the card (Insurance card and Photo ID)

I think from reading all the threads the 97 is a FOB, though, and is programmed just a little differently (Search the forum for the word 'keyless'. There are specific instructions there from others who have done this.)

Let us all know what you find out.

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