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Big Probelm Need Expert Adv.

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So i just got the Car. Was runnin great went to mechanic did full tue up plus more. spent 600 big ones (he really took) but any ways today i got on it alittle and it started to Bog out.

Meaning i hit the gas it takes off and then the RPMS drop and rev again. And as it goes itnto to second it red lines stays there then drops into second at a low rev even though i have the pedal to the floor. Any ideas what this is?

Also i get a ticking noise i believe is from the catalitic but it happens all the time even when the car is running. not sure what that is and dont know if its related

Please give me some feed back. Thanxs guys

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You should have the computer checked for trouble codes. Sounds like you are going into limp mode when a certain condition is present. Did the mechanic do everything correctly? Did they do the ignition system? It's is too difficult to say exactly what your problem is. It could be anything from a loose vacuum line to a bad oxygen sensor - (they should be replaced at around 100k) to even a torque converter problem.

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You could also AIM our resident Lexus Tech--JPI. It almost sounds like too-much fuel is being forced into chamber, and then dropped. From what Moderator VMF is saying, you can get a free code reading at Autozone.

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