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do you mean, you can't log in? or nothing comes up when you click on it?

I had to call the 1-800 number twice to reset my log on ability. Not for forgetting the password, it just doesn't work if you haven't logged on in at least 6 months.

At least that's what happened to me........twice.


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oh yeah....

I had to submit a request for a new owners manual "at least twice" b4 I got one. Have request the "lexus magazine" several times and even called customer service three times to make sure I was on the list......

No magazine as of's been 5 months of calls, web, etc....nothing!

My wife just gets me a copy from the American Airlines Admirals club.... :D

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I can log in fine, but I click on owners manual, and it tells me it's temporarily unavailable. It's been unavailable since last May when I first tried to view it for my ES. My LS didn't come with a manual, so I really would like to read up about the gadgets in the car while waiting for the hard copy manual to come in. Who knows how long the LS manual will be "temporarily unavailable" :angry: .

Roy, they still haven't sent you a magazine?? I l registered once online, and I get it. It only comes out 4x a year I think. I'll call and aggrovate them soon about the manual, or I might just buy one on ebay or at the dealer if it isn't too much($).


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