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Heated Seat Possible?


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I love my low mileage (59K) '95 LS400 but my wife and I have just one complaint - that a car so wonderfully equipped does not have heated seats.

I recently discovered that on a Land Rover Discovery, almost all the seats installed had the elements in them regardless of whether the switches for the heated seats were installed or not.

I figured out that with about $75 in parts, a screwdriver and 10 minutes the Disco has heated seats just like the factory installed option. :D

Of course, this gets me to wondering - is my Lexus likely to be the same?

Anyone know?

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I'm surprised that you don't have heated seats as most lexus owners would not pass on this option and in fact I thought they were standard options. Anyway, you can have aftermarket heated seats installed for about $400 for the fronts. Atleast, this is price I got when one of mine went out; however, they were not able to wire in to the existing switches and would have had the on/off switch on the side of the seat. I declined this and they were able to fix the original. Do you have button control below the stereo system and above the gearshift for heated seats?

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I am a new LS owner (1991 model) and was very surprised, not to mention disappointed when I found out that the 400 does not have heated seats. Not even an option on the car, as my car has all the options except electronic suspension which was never offered in this modl in Aust.

Can someone advise where I may be able to buy a fair value aftermarket heater for the seats? Also, are there any instructions for installation of same floating on the web that anyone knows of?

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