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Es330 Hid Headlight Ballast Replacement

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How do you remove and replace the ballast? I've disconnected the connection to the bulb but it appears that the headlight assembly might have to be removed to access the ballast. If so, will removal of the 3 bolts on the top of the assembly permit removal?

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You got it, remove the connector, then bumper as a member on CL did to gain access.

Coming into this project I wasn't too sure on how to install it, but I didn't think it was going to be too hard. I thought all I had to do was:

Remove the plastic cover in the engine

Remove the headlights

Put in the new headlights

Put the plastic cover back on

WRONG!.... I took the plastic cover off, unbolted the headlights, then found out that I had to remove the bumper.

Pictures here.

NO NO NO dont take it apart. Just turn the bulb counter-clockwise to align the notches and pull straight out. Remember, dont touch the bulb with your hand or the oils will cause them to burst later on.

Is he replacing the bulb? NO. Read again.

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