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I'm very impressed with the quality of info available on this site. I have 2 Lexus cars, 95 SC 400 and a 92 LS 400.

These are the first Lexus autos I've been exposed to and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the cars.

I recently bought 2 sun visors from Ebay supposedly for a 93 LS and the reason for buying them was for the built in garage door opener.

It appears that installing them will be more of a task than I thought but more importantly I need info on programing the unit to my opener.

Can anyone out there help with the info?


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If you go to you can get complete instructions.

Here is a brief summary (at least as correct as I remember).

Press Outside 2 buttons at the same time for more than 20 seconds. This will erase the programming on all 3 buttons and get it ready for your use. After the 20 seconds, the light will change its flash. (I think it flashes fast when it has been erased)

Then, hold the remote you want to program near the buttons. Press and hold the button you want to program and at the same time press and hold the button on the remote you wish to copy. After a few seconds the light will change its flash and it is programmed.

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When I programmed the garage door buttons on my 00 LS a few months ago, they did not work until I performed additional steps. According to my 00 LS owners manual, the additional steps only have to be performed if your garage door openers have a "rolling code feature". Here are the additional steps from the 00 LS manual.

"1. Locate the "training" or "learning" button on the in-garage receiver and push and release this button. Location of the button may vary by the garage door opener manufacturer.

2. Firmly push and release the trained HomeLink button 2 times (some garage door manufacturer may require you to push the HomeLink button up to 3 times) to complete the process."

On my Sears openers, the training button is a square red button and a diode lights up when it is pressed.

The visor with the Homelink buttons that you purchased sounds like the ones on Camry's and Avalons. But who cares as long as they fit and look decent. Better yet if they are covered in cloth instead of vinyl -- the only place the vinyl ever deterioated in my 90 LS was on the sunvisors.

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I had to laugh when I read your post. I had EXACTLY the same probem when I tried to program the Homelink buttons in my '99 LS. I also have a Sears garage door opener (installed myself - works great!) and read the addendum about the rolling code feature but never got around to following the instructions that you provided. Thanks for the incentive to finish what I started.


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