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Time For New Leather Seats

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So I've decided to pull the trigger on new leather seat covers from AATLAS. I've decided to chronicle my experiences during this project at the following link

Obviously most of us are in the same boat with our 14-15 year old seat covers and my 97 LX450 is no different. When I decided to revive my seats this was the first place I went to. I'm the type that enjoys a challenge and there's always a sense of pride when you do things yourself. I decided to call a couple of local shops first for estimates. Needless to say, I wasn't surprised at the quotes I received. Between three shops the quotes ranged from $2800 (fishy) to $3500 and they would need my vehicle for a week or so. This was beyond my budget and since this is my DD I can't be without my vehicle for a week or longer. I'm planning to start with the 2nd row then the passenger seat before moving on to the driver’s seat. This way I can minimize my down time. I should be quite seasoned by the time I get to the DS. I'm also leaving the door open to having a shop do the install. I'd rather not go this route but if it proves too much for me to handle, “a man has to know his limitations”.

So why AATLAS? I'll be honest and say I know nothing about recovering seats and I have never dealt with AATLAS before. Simply reading previous threads, having confidence in MUD vendors, and corresponding with Shane via e-mail were enough for me to feel comfortable. I've dealt with a number of vendors on this site and haven't been let down yet.. I hope some of you here will find this information valuable if you decide to do this some day.

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