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I Installed A Cd Changer In My 97


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I didn't have one before because the dealer wanted $850-1200 for the option.

I got it for $327 from Sewell Lexus on Ebay. Look for Lexus OEM CD Changer with glove box. All the other CD changers on Ebay wouldn't work because you have to change the glove box to get the CD changer to fit.

The kit included instructions and two CD magazines.

You have to remove all of the dash parts (under cover, front scuff plate, cowl side trim, side plate) around the glove box to get at the attachment screws. The hardest part was removing the front scuff plate (the plastic piece under the side door).

Then take out the glove box and remove the inner glove box from the glove box door. Replace the inner glove box (the instructions forgot to mention you have to take the rubber bumpers (the cone shaped ones and the cylindrical ones from the old glove box and put them on to the new one)).

Installing the CD changer was easy. The CD cable is taped up and has to be cut loose.

Total time was 90 minutes. A local radio shop quoted $50 if I provided the parts.

A CD sounds much better than the radio or the cassette.

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