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Cold Starting


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I usually have to turn the engine over 4 or 5 times before it cranks on cold mornings.I don't have a repair manual.Someone told me about a cold fuel injection that may be clogged.I have a 1990 ls400 with 89,000 miles.Just had a full tune up performed.Where on the engine is the injector located and how easy is it to remove and clean.Or is there anything else I need to check out.Once the engine warms up it cranks first try everytime.

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injectors arent easy to play with, theyr right below your fuel rail. you can gain access to it by taking off the plenum (top part of intake manifold). i dont think it's the injectors, what viscosity engine oil are you using? try 0-30. and your starter is probably old and weak, i had the same problem. if you are having your starter changed, tell whoever is messing with it to hook up a new power cable for you, the old one may have oxidized and the conductivity is weaker.

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