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Burnouts With Gs400

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I'm trying to find out how to do a burnout in my gs. Now I know its horrible for the car and tires and all that but sometimes it's just fun to play around a little. I can get al ittle burnout but im lookin for the sitting still, getting the tires smoking burnout. Im new to the GS world so im not looking for people to bash me here. I'm sure there is just one thing im doing wrong but any help will be appreciated, Thanks.

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the 400 should sit still no problem and spin the tires till they lite on fire!lol

i never tried it on mine but i know for a fact it will do it.its all about the way you hold the brake down and hit the gas.

try a empty parking lot and just mess around a bit until you get it right.your tires might be bald by the time you get it right but you got to expect that if you want to do burn outs.have fun!

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First you have to Turn off the VSC, therefore you don't have that traction control on. Then turn that green power light on, on the other side. Hold down the brake, and press the gas, slowly to it's full potential, until your tires start to smoke and the car starts to pull, then let off the brake slowly, still pressing the gas, and you will have a beautiful burnout.

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