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Does My Rx300 Have Awd?

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hello all.

I recently purchased a 2002 Lexus Rx300 Coach Edition. No navigation system, however i was told it has AWD :unsure:

altho i see no button or anything to activate this...except traction control or whatever that is.

so does my Lexus even HAVE 4wd....or did the seller lie to me? :censored: :(

thanks :)

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You lucked out.

It simply doesn't matter.

Even the AWD model is really only FWD in most instances.

After 01 all RXes included VSC/TRAC and trac which prevents the VC (short for automatically "locking" center differential) from ever routing torque to the rear.

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Although, you've already got your answer I remember from a previous thread that AWD vehicles have a certain letter designation in the VIN. Sorry I cant be more specific but I remember checking it out on mine. I'm sure its in the archive or someone else remembers

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I think another way you might be able to tell if you have AWD is if your RX came with a trailer hitch. If I remember correctly, I think they told me that the hitch was standard for the AWD models.

Let me know if I'm mistaken.

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Well, I've confirmed my 2000 is AWD and I have no sign of a trailer hitch, so I'm not sure thats a great indicator. I could be though, that all RX's w/ hitches are AWD but not the converse that all AWD have trailer hitches. I suddenly feel like I should be making some Venn diagrams or something!! :lol: Could be something that happened after 00 too..

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