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Tax The Poor More!

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That is why it should be dismantled and go to a use tax, or something similiar. You know as for the welfare queen syndrome there is a lot of truth in that...I know personally of people that get a check for $5000 plus and never paid a dime in income tax, the sad part is then it all goes to drugs...There are so many of these folks that know the system and what they can weasel out of it. Real reform of welfare would include drug testing...But oh no we cant do that. That infringes on their rights. So Sad to see these folks sit around and mull around everyday, popping babies that generally will never have a chance with parents, or parent that are on these programs..Work for welfare would a better solution and possibly give dignity to some of these folks...I know they all arent this way, but when is the cycle of the great society going to stop. I see (personally) so much of this fraud when I visit my mother-in-law because unfortunately her neck of the woods is a haven for these types. It is sad. At least a use tax or flat tax would even the playing field if done correctly...Our tax code is broke, it just funnels money to special interest to get their politicians to vote for their programs. Our Politicians are just tax !Removed!'s that vote for more of the same.

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The problem with a use tax is that it too disproportionately taxes the poor a bigger percentage of their income because such a larger percentage of their annual income is spent on goods and services...but what we do agree on is that something needs to be done to revamp our tax code. I just did our taxes (I always file an extension just because I hate them so much) and I said to my wife "This is insane, someone should not need to hire a professional to file a simple family tax return. Mine are more complicated than most because of Schedule C for business and investments, etc, but still...I'm not a corporation or anything like that...I should be able to sit down with my records and in an hour have a completed tax return. Crazy.

As for welfare, I also see nothing wrong with drug testing recipients of welfare. Plenty of employers routinely drug test their workers, and ts not considered an infringement on their rights because they can always quit their job. With welfare recipients its the same thing...they can always stop receiving welfare. If they want to receive it I think that there should be community service and drug testing requirements.

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Most of America's tax dollars are spent on the military.  Eisenhower warned of the military/industrial complex decades ago.  That money will keep being spent on the military.  Incidentally, those taxes are used to pay the salaries of people making bombs we hope to never use.  Every few years we modernize our bombs, so the whole process starts all over.  Then, if your a responsible democrat president, you spend money on infrastructure, roads, internet access, airports. power grids,etc.  If your a greedy republican, on the other hand, you lower taxes on the rich.  As for sending our politicians home, well that won't work, but we could stop developing fighter aircraft that cost millions of dollars each.  But then we have to find all those highly paid aircraft builders something to do that pays as well.  Too bad they can't count on a regular paycheck developing a better infrastructure.  We would all be a lot better off without what the republican party has morphed into.

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Wanna buy a bridge Mac? Cause if you believe that either side of those DC crowd has your back I have a bridge for sale……cheap.

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