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Lexus Warranty And Aftermarket Oil Filter

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The receptionist girl at a Lexus service tells me that if I do my oil change outside of the dealer and use an aftermarket oil filter, then my warranty will be void.

Is this true? I don't know if I should trust a receptionist person...also they might just want to continue to steal my money from overpriced service.

P.S. I'm from Canada and I have an 2009 IS250 AWD.

I can't afford oil changes that cost over $100 anymore...and they also keep pushing me to do the full maintenance service which is like $250+...ridiculous...

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Just take it to Toyota dealership, most have quick lubes and then you will get a lexus (toyota filter) and documentation for 1/3 the cost....Also ask them to put you on their mailing list for specials and coupons.

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The rules may be different for Canada but here is relevant information from the U.S. maintenance booklet which covers the IS250 and other 2009 models:

Maintenance and repair services may

be performed by you or by any automotive

service provider you choose.

Lexus will not deny a warranty claim

solely because you used a service

provider other than a Lexus dealership

for maintenance and repairs.

However, damage or failures caused

by improper maintenance or repairs

are not covered under warranty.

Your dealer may recommend more

frequent maintenance intervals or

more maintenance services than

those listed in the scheduled maintenance

log. These additional services

are not required to maintain your warranty

coverage. Ask your dealer for

an explanation of any recommended

maintenance not included in the

scheduled maintenance log.

Here in the U.S. it's easy to get oil filters for substantially less than what Lexus dealers charge for them. I buy OEM oil filters for my LS at the same Toyota dealer where we bought our Camry and pay right at US$4.00 per filter including an oil plug drain gasket.

The cost of changing my oil using synthetic Mobil 1 oil and an OEM filter is around US$30 and one hour of my time out in the garage and has the added bonus of avoiding the kind of petty damage I've had done by so called professionals.

I've driven Lexus cars for a total of about 290,000 miles and have had engine oil changed at a Lexus dealer maybe three or four times. The rest of them - every 5,000 miles - I've done myself.

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