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Antenna Replacement Question.. (camry Compat?)


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Chances are that the answer is yes, but I can't say for sure. You will have to check the wiring connector on both to be certain. They should be the same if you expect to just swap them out. The only other 3 things that may be different, but not crucial, are the mounting brackets on each, the large plastic gasket/bezel where they exit the fender (and you should be able to just swap them over), and the ball at the top of the mast. If they are different sizes, they won't seal the water out properly when fully down. You can swap them over since they are simply threaded onto the final mast section (put in vice, wrap with leather to prevent scratches, wind off with vice grips). I did all of the following several years ago to replace the mast on my 90 Nissan 300ZX with a mid 90's Camry mast. Still works like a charm today, although about 3 inches shorter. Both Nissan and Toyota shared the same antenna supplier.

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