2012 Rx350 - Add Backup / Rear Camera Afterwards?

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Hi Guys!

I'm really excited about picking up my 2012 RX350 tomorrow! :)

One thing my wife would have LOVED to have on it is the Backup Camera.

Love the little LCD in the mirror. :)

Is there any way we can get that afterwards?

The original one, or any aftermarket ideas?

We live in Toronto, Ontario, GTA, and would love to have someone do it for us.

Anyone have any experience in this field?

THX!! :)


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Thinkware makes a dashcam that optionally can have a backup camera. It will also give you lane assist Red Light and Speed Trap warning, and protection against liars if you are in a crash as well as proof if you are given a speeding ticket if you were not; all at no extra charge or subscription.

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If anyone is interested in adding a backup camera system to their Lexus check out the new technology from Pearl.

It is a wireless, solar powered backup camera that mounts as a license plate frame and send bluetooth video to your mobile phone.


It is the latest hi-tech gadget for your car.

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