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Paint Job

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My LS400 and my brothers Acura Legend.

Both same color Tuape or Brown.

LS400: 1993 Acura Legend: 1992 (just about the same model too)

Both of them have a Sun Roof.

Now, when we bought both of the cars, the paint on both of them were rough on the roof.

Acura Legend: The surface on the rough is very very rough, the roof is still the same color as the car, so it has gone allllll the way down. And on the trunk the same story except there are only two big lines, each about 3in. thick. But the trunk is smooth like a regular car.

LS400: On the roof, just behind the roof the paint has gone white, but you can't tell without staring at it. The paint is a little rough too, BUT NOT CLOSE TO AS THE ACURA. On the Lexus thats the only part the car has messed up paint. Very minor.

I am thinking about getting the ONLY the Acura's roof and trunk painted. I just used the Lexus as something to compare it with.

Now the question is that: When I go to the paint shop, what do I tell them, what to I need. I have incountered alot of repainted cars and the paint on them has dull, no shine. So, I don't want that. And money is not that big of a concern neither. Who are they best or preaty good paint shops, ex: Macoo. I live in High Point, North Carolina.

Any suggestion or just stories relating to this topic, fell free to respond.

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Have you tried claying the paint and seeing what that does?

I would have the entire car repainted. On a car that old they're never going to be able to make the paint match properly, if cost is no object then the best idea is a repaint. Be prepared to spend a couple to a few thousand dollars for a good one.

And good repaints equal or exceed the factory quality, just make sure you find a good shop with references.

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