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Haha Stupid People


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buyers thatactually purchase this make me laugh,5 cent resister saposably adds 20 horses :wacko: by telling ure engine that its getting cold air. stupid seller portrays that engine puts out more horses on colder day b\c the engine senses it is getting colder air so it magically puts out horsepower,lol

Funniest thing is about 90% of the peoeple that bough tit(whihc is liek 600 people) leave feedback of wow this actually works i felt a good difference :chairshot:

i think someone says what it really does is it tweaks ure fuel ratio but adds stress to tranny ,but i doubt it even does that

anyone have any responses to this idiocy :D

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it is crap to waste $2- ON it but it will work

it make the fuel injectors put out more ,so it uses more gas all the time

the only waste is that it is not tuned for the car and not variable like a greddy one or a apexi vafc 2 which are much better as they are variable and only when needed,it works but needs to be tuned

so they are not that stupid ,just wasting 20 for a 5 cent part.

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