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Left Rear Reluctor Ring


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Since my last post on this topic regarding a cracked reluctor ring some time ago, a new repair option has come up. Lexus wanted to replace the left 1/2 axle which includes a new reluctor ring and the speed sensor to rectify the ABS lamp staying on at a cost of $1,632.00. Car is a 2000 RX300 with 90,000 miles.

Found an independent shop where this repair has been done before by removing the 1/2 axle and welding the cracked reluctor ring. As an earlier reply to my initial post indicated, the speed sensor replacement will not be necessary according to the mechanic proposing this repair since the problem is the cracked reluctor ring. He has successfully done this repair before on other RX300's.

About $300.00.

Read the post about the person who made this repair with epoxy and the repair failed. Sorry the epoxy failed after all your work, but I am not surprised it did. I'm interested hearing your opinions about whether a weld should do the trick?

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