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Speaker Replacement

Mike B.

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Has anyone here replaced the speakers in their ES while leaving the rest of the system OE? I have a 2000 ES. Since the speakers are typically the weakest link in any reasonably decent system then it stands to reason that the most bang for the buck would be replacing the speakers while keeping the factory HU and sub. Has anyone done this that can comment??

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I've never replaced speakers myself, but know friends that have on other cars with stock stereo systems when a speaker has failed. In those cases, changing out the failed speaker with a generic one purchased from Radio Shack, etc, seemed to work fine and there was no noticeable difference in sound quality.

The drivers' door speaker on my previous 92 LS stopped working and I considered having it replaced but ended up just replacing the car. I learned after consulting an aftermarket stereo installer that in order to re-use the factory head unit with a new system, it would require a special adapter that took up a lot of space and was quite expensive, about $250 if I remember correctly.

I don't know if the same would be true for replacing only the stock speakers on your car...perhaps there are some aftermarket ones out there that would be compatible with the existing amplifier and head unit. I'd consult a reputable stereo installer or maybe there is a more knowledgeable member who is also watching this thread.

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