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Resident Rookie Rockin' A 99 Es-300

Parts Matt

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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I recently picked up a clean 99 ES300 that wasn't running. I paid almost nothing for it and was told by the girl who owned it that it had a sludged motor and needed a new one. Long story short, I towed it home and after a little work found out it would help if the IAC were replaced and the spark plugs *that were destroyed* be tightened farther than finger tight. I got it with the valve covers and intake in the trunk. It runs pretty well and will be so much better after I clean up the IAC and replace all the plugs and actually tighten them in. I plan to fix it and sell it right off the bat but if it turns out to be a decent running car I might drive it for a while.

A little about me. I'm a Ford/Subaru Parts Guy for a dealership in Fredneck MD. To make ends meet I buy and sell cars once or twice a year. I'm training to be an EMT *Emergency Medical Technician* in Maryland. On weekends I clear land, take down trees and cut firewood to keep the toy fund from being overdrawn. Its great to meet you all and looking forward to hanging out on the forum. Thanks guys.

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