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Es300 Front End Rebuild


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Looking for any insights on the removal of the lower control arms on a 93 ES300 :blink: . Other then being well worn, there is little rust and my only real concern is the main bolt to the car frame (I hope I can get this bolt to come loose were it is mounted tight to the frame) away from the strut and ball joint. The rest appears straight forward and something I have done on other vehicles like BMW, Toyota, etc.

I'm also looking for any of the torque specs on this - like the - the Upper strut mounts (I have to replace these), the bolts in the struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, and the control arm mounting bolts. Any other helpful hints would be greatly appreciated if you've done this before. I am replacing the control arms completely vs trying to just replace the bushings (these are not like the GS style and more like a BMW unit so it seemed like the right thing to do). If your interested I can take some pics of the ordeal for those not familiar with this kind of thing and post these if we can do that sort of thing on this site.

Ps- I'm hoping that the rack in the ES models are not a soft spot....Otherwise I may be back in for that as well...

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