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96 Ls Cd Changer


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My CD changer on 96 LS has been working fine until yesterdary when I took the CD cartridge out to replace the CDs and when I placed it back it just makes grinding/clicking noise and does not work any more and would not eject either. I guess maybe CD or CDs are somehow jamming the mechanism inside. Any idea how to get the CD cartridge out anyone?

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this might help:


Do you have a compartment above the glove box? If so, are there two "doors" inside? One is for holding cd and the other is the outlet to insert the cartridge in the cd changer. Your cd changer installs behind that compartment and you will have to remove the glove box and that nice wood panel in order to install the cd changer.

This may sound hard, but it is really easy. Toyota really thought this out and after you start unbolting stuff, it makes SO much sense. Just be careful not to pull on things too hard.

You will need a ratchet, extensions and 10MM socket and a 2 philips screwdriver. I used a small one and a long one because removing 3 of the philip screws is a lot easier if you have a small screwdriver.

To the bottom right of the glovebox is a 10 mm bolt. Unbolt it (you may have one on each side. These bolts loosen the glovebox assembly. This along with some phillip screws drops the entire glovebox assembly. There is also a panel that attaches to the glovebox assembly. I think it has 3 clips that when pulled, comes off. A floor light may be attached to your panel, so don't pull it too far or hard..leave all that biggy.

You've got to completely remove the lower glovebox assy, then the upper glovebox door, then the upper glovebox liner.

There's a 10-mm nut on the rightmost edge of the dash trim. You'll need the passenger door open to get to this. Memory is it's about knee-high. Now take everything out of the main glove compartment. Note in the back that there's a small pop-out "door" rectangular, about 1 x 1½ inch. Behind this is another 10-mmm nut that has to come out.

From here it's fairly obvious which screws have to come out. The upper glovebox door has to come off, but you first have to remove the lower glovebox completely to get at the screws. Also the upper door has a damper assy on the left side and a guide rod on the right. Both can be removed with a knife blade to pop off the triangular-shaped covers. Finally the upper glovebox liner comes out. Then you'll be able to see & reach the bolts holding the CD changer in place.

Good luck!

There are also phillips screws and a few more 10mm bolts, but if you remove the 1 or 2 that loosen the glovebox assembly, the rest is very simple.

Just make sure that you remove the glovebox carefully, because these are 3 plastic clips and if you yank on the box too hard, you may break those plastic clips. Pull it carefully and you will hear them click apart.

Once you do this (remove all 10MM bolts and phillip screws), you will see the screws that hold the nice wood panel. Remove the screws and/or bolts, and you should see a place to bolt up your cd changer - 2 10mm bolts and 2 10MM screws that attach your cd changer to the frame that holds it. DONT forget to attach the connector to the cd changer. I would also test the cd at this point. Place a cartridge with a cd in it and see if it plays.

If this is your first time, just be very careful and write down or remember the disassembly process. Reverse it to put everything back together and you should be set.

Depending on your comfort level and experience, it is a 30 to 45 minute job. I know :-) I bought a cd changer off eBay. The first one didn't work - but I didn't test it before putting it all back I had to take it all apart, send the cd changer back to get another one. I have a 97, but they are all similar in design.

Good Luck - It's a piece of cake.

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