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1992 Es300 5 Speed Crank But No Start


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So on my way to work, I slowed to into the main entrance of my working place(maybe 3-5MPH.) As I slowed down my car died. Tried to start it again, it never fired. Cranks but no start. So pushed it into a stall. I thought my fuel pump died since my car does have 219,xxx miles on it. So I sprayed starter fluid into the intake manifold through the throttle body. Still a no start. What could be the issue? About 3-4 days ago I cleaned my throttle body and my EGR(the one thats located next to the throttle body sensor) What else should I check for? I also checked for spark and yes I still do have spark.

I also took out the AFM to see if it would start without it on but still would crank but no start. Im at a loss Thanks for reading

Specs on the car is:

1992 lexus es300

5 speed

spark plug changed 100 miles ago

Timing belt water pump pullys changed 200 miles ago

Throttle body, EGR cleaned 20 miles ago.

Also I unplugged the battery just in case. Still a crank but no start. I Also pulled a code by jumping TE1 and E1 and I got code 24. Will this cause my car to crack but no start?

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