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Emissions Fail To Test


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Hello. I'm a new Lexus owner of an 1992 LS400.

I took this car to get passed, but the traction control came on while being tested (dangerous). Sometimes, when I press the traction control, it doesn't respond at all. Always responds when the car is ON, but not while the engine is on. I believe the traction comes on while driving it at some point. The engine light and rear lights also appear to be on. The seller told me they were on when he bought the car (years ago) and he never had a problem.

Also, the seat heaters don't work. The seat lights appear on - on both switches, and all the fuses checked out were good.

What could cause the traction to go on by itself? I want to get it emission passed, but not risk the tester and my car's life (the traction goes on again and possibly, the car goes flying out of the emissions testing garage).

Thank you for your time,


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You may also find a search helpful, particularly where weird lighting issues are diagnosed as a broken wire in the trunk hinge wiring loom causing faults such as you have.

If you have the EML illuminated there will be code(s) stored in the memory which need reading to help find the cause ( google Lexus LS400 diagnostic codes).

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My understanding is that when an engine trouble code is tripped, the traction control will go on, and sometimes the electric cooling fans.

You'll need it scanned by a shop familiar with Toyota Lexus products.

The traction control will not cause the car to suddenly jump out of the floor dyno.....but a trouble code usually means an automatic fail.

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Yeah, totally weird. I passed emissions today. I started this morning with the engine light on and no trac on at the bottom. Then, when the engine light went off as I drove, the no trac stayed on the bottom). I pressed the trac button and the no trac light on the bottom went away (traction working), but I turned traction back off to see if it would randomly engage trac on without pressing the button. After work, I drove and the same thing, no trac at the bottom and engine light on. Later, as I drove, the no trac on the bottom and engine light went away (traction now engaged without button influence). So strange. I went to the emissions. I started the car back for them and ZERO lights were on. WTF? It passed.

I returned to my car after they were done testing and noticed zero lights were on. Then I left, and now only the trac light was on (this one being different, it was next to where the engine light was before).

What the hell? Later, I'm back to engine + no traction at the bottom light appears when i start the car. when the car is on - on, i can turn traction control on or off, but not when i start the engine, or until i drive for a while when the lights go away and traction control button works.

so, same story, doesn't affect performance, but it's so weird. i'm going to do the codes sometime. also, the rear lights are on, but all the lights work. that's it, and I LOVE MY CAR! (was driving a 86 mercury lynx 3speed POS).

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