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93 Es300 Stereo Won't Turn On


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Hey all, I seem to have run into a bit of a problem.

I have a 93 Es300 with a CD changer in the back. I recently installed a pioneer subwoofer and it seemed to be working great. however the vibrations from the sub made the cd player skip a lot, so I made a few mods.

The install works like this:

I have wires going straight from the battery to the sub for power. The sub takes its audio through the high level inputs which are spliced into the rear speaker inputs.

To get audio, I disconnected the 4 wires for audio coming from the CD changer and connected them to a line in cable, like what you plug an iPod into.

Everything was working fine, I was driving around for a week or so listening and enjoying my music quite a bit :)

Then one day I go to turn on my car and the stereo would not turn on. Every 3 seconds the lights on the head unit would blink on for a split second, and i'd hear some kind of mechanical noise from the CD changer but it would turn off immediately. I tried a new fuse, and that did not fix it. Now I can't even get the CD player to blink or anything, pushing the power button does nothing. The fuse seems fine still.

did I blow the system? Even if I disconnect the connectors from the CD player the head unit will still not turn on. Help?

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Thanks, I just checked the 20amp fuse under the hood as well. Same story as the 15 amp fuse in the drivers seat.. fuses don't blow and are both good.

Sorry that didn't work. In doing a search of related post, there are several post regarding older systems experiencing problems with solder points on the boards and just plain dust than can cause over heating of some components. Additionally, the amp under the seat can be problematic after all these years and should be checked. You might want to do a search as well just to check if there is more relevant information.


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