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How To Open And Clean A '97 Es300 Fog Light


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Hi All,

Can someone suggest a way to OPEN and CLEAN a Fog Light on the '97 Lexus ES300.


Mine has some sort of Yellowish water building up in one of them? It looks unsightly. I'm not sure how, it's never been exposed.

Do I need to remove the entire bumper?

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Not sure how to remove the fog light housing on your ES, but once it's removed, you'll need to pre-heat your oven (any oven will do) to 170-200 degrees and put the entire light in. after maybe 10 minutes, remove the housing and quickly separate the clear lens from the plastic housing. You can pry the clear lens off with a flathead screwdriver, removing any screws that might be visible.

Then, do your business inside, and to re-attach the lens, put both pieces back in the oven for 10 minutes, then remove and press the two parts back together. The glue (sealant) softens and gets REALLY hot with heat. Don't bother trying to use a heat-gun as you won't be able to heat it all the way around in time. Using the oven works perfectly! And don't worry, at 200 degrees nothing will melt :)

And my guess is that the bumper will at least need to be "pulled" away from the car to get the foglight housings off. There are various screws and nuts you'll need to remove around the perimeter of the bumper, and the wheel well liner will need to be pulled away as well i'm sure. <_<

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To get to the fogs, pull the black plastic shroud over the radiator. Remove the one screw that holds the corner markers. Below that you can get to the fogs. They are held in by one 10mm nut, and a pinch-clip on the opposite corner, and will slide straight out once you release those.

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