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Black Perforated Leaher Debris

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I have a 2008 ES350 with the tan carpet and seats. The carpet showed every bit of dark mud/water shoe debris. I jsut bought a RX350 2011 and went with the black/black thinking I would resolve this problme. Not the smartest thing I've done.

The black perforated leather gets bits of dirt/debris in the holes. I have tried vacuuming it and that does not get all the spots. I'm left to using a needle or something sharp and small to push the debris through the holes.

Anyone have had this problem and have an easy way to remedy it?


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Is it from spilled liquids or something (ie hot chocolate, anything that would dry "crusty")?

Have you tried compressed air? If not, it might be worth a try- just don't put any liquid cleaners (not even water) on the seats first, as you'll blow the liquids through the holes and deep into the seats, which won't evaporate very well causing you mold problems...

Or, maybe try using a vacuum. Take off all attachments, and "suction cup" the end over a small area of the leather at a time. This might force the debris loose from the holes.

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