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Paint Protection Film Or Rear Bumper Applique Or Ding/dent Protection


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I am waiting for delivery of my new ES 350. Of course, there are many accessory products they mention to you to maintain your vehicle in new condition.

I would love to hear opinions on any of the following, as soon as possible, since I have to make a decision in the next few days!

(Keep in mind, I am not really crazy good at car upkeep. I will never wash or wax or seal a car myself. I will take it to a wash, and maybe get it detailed. Anything any member suggests I do I will look to pay someone to do for me! That is why I am asking about any of the following.. I am looking for good protection for a lazy car owner!!)

1. Rear Bumper Applique ($76)

2. Paint Protection Film - I read somewhere that one person didn't like the ridge where the film ends, and when the car was waxed, it got caught in that ridge. That made me think this is not a good idea. Love to hear any thoughts anyway.

3. Lexus Ding and Dent Protection Plan:

This plan offers unlimited PDR service on your vehicles exterior vertical panels. Damage from parking lot dings, shopping carts etc... This plan is perfect for lease clients as well as owners.

Available: 3 years $399 4 years $499 5 years $599

4. Auto Armor Nano Technology Finish - which I have heard is a total waste so I think that is off the table for consideration.

And what about body side moldings for $659? The dealer said he would get the Ding and Dent protection over the side moldings or protection film.

Thoughts anyone?


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The paint protection films are a matter of personal taste. On the one hand, newer paints are very prone to chipping from rocks and road debris. However, those films are pretty noticable IMHO. I didn't get it on mine, although at times I wish I had. The rear bumper applique is superfluous IMHO, just be careful when loading/unloading the trunk.

I think the add-on moldings are ugly on the 2010+...

As for the ding protection plan, each time you have PDR done its $100 or so, so figure are you going to have 4+ dings in 3 years? Maybe.

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I bought a used 2007 ES350 that came with the paint protection film. It's not very noticible unless you stand very close to the car. It has saved me a lot of chips especially driving on the *BLEEP*ty Detroit roads...Too bad I still got couple of small chips just where the film ends :).

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How noticeable it is depends a lot on the color of the car too...

Got the paint protection film when i bought my 2008 ES350 new from the dealer. Glad I did, living in Florida with night highway driving and the bugs...many bugs. Good news is that they wash off easy with a hose spay. The film still looks good after three years. I'll do it again.

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