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Iacv Replacement Cost For 1999 Es 300


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Hi good Fellows,

Im having frequent stalling problems with my '99 ES 300 especially in the mornings and after the car is parked for awhile. The CEL/Trac OFF code indicates its the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) malfunction. This valve has been cleaned in the past and a local mechanic told me a welded pin in the valve appers to be broken so that replacement rather than cleaning is the best option. Quotes from local mechanics in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Toronto area however, are outrageously high and in the range of $ 700-800 Cdn. I find the part online for about $180-250. The problem is I dont know the exact part to buy since the ones I have seen either have 2 or 3 hoses.

Anyone knows the part number and type of IACV for this year model? The production year on my car is 01/1999

Thanks in advance for your help!!! :)

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Thanks Mike and TA for your suggestions. I ordered the IACV (SIAC280 by standard motor) and the gasket by AirTex Wells. Both are scheduled to arrive today. Cant wait to fix this embarrasing stalling probplem.

Thanks once again folks

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