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Power Steering Pump Needs A Reseal?


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Took my car in last weekend and one of the items requiring attention was the power steering pump.

The notes say its leaking and requires a reseal. Estimate was $700 total.

Do they mean it needs to be taken out and rebuilt with new internals like gaskets and what not?

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When the power steering pump began to leak on my previous 92 LS, I had it replaced with a remanufactured one that came from a local auto parts store. The cost was hundreds of dollars less than a new one from the dealer and it was still working great at the time I sold the car. If I remember correctly, the replacement pump actually cost about the same as the rebuild kit did- one of those might be something to think about.

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Got a '98 LS....250+K miles. Pump finally leaking some

down onto the Alt. (which is new....and how we found out about PS fluid leak)

Advised to get that pump chgd asap.

Any suggestions on the best aftermarket PS guess on price and reliability?

And...possibly related....

Lately....VSC warning lite came on... after stopping for gas on a hot long drive.

Advance Auto Parts next I run over and have alt chkd. No charging!

In middle of making arrangements for another alt replcmnt....lite goes off....chk chg'g

and now the alt is charging good.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Dan in NC

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