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Headlights Turn On When Pushed Unlock Button


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hi everyone i have question !

i want to know how can i set my headlight on when pushed the unlock button !

i mean when im pushed the unlock button i want to unlock my car and turn headlights on automatically!

my car is ES 300 2001

TNX ;)

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There's no easy way to program the car to do this, but you can do some complicated wiring to get it to do it.

Hook up a few relays that will manually sent voltage to the headlights when the directionals flash (which happens when you press the unlock button) while the car is OFF (aka when voltage "isn't" being sent to the cigarette lighter.

When those two things happen simultaneously, both relays will complete the circuit and the headlights will turn on. Then run another relay so when you rotate the stalk on the steering column to turn the headlights ON, your new circuit will be disabled and the car will illuminate them normally.


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wow its so hard man but thanx ;)

so if my light on auto, at night when i turn off my car my headlights was turn on until 30 sec ! so before 30 sec if i pushed the lock button for a 2 times the headlight was turn it off ! so i can turn off the head light with lock button and i guess there is a one way to turn it on with unlock button !

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