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Hey Guys


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Just Like to Welcome myself to the wonderful world of Lexus. Just got one today was never crazy about them until i Bought my SC 400. Car is amazing runs great powerfull. Iv been reading up all the info on the forum VERY Helpful.

I got alot of work to do.

As i read and as i noticed on my car I fall into the category of common problems

1. Gauge Needles

2. CLimate Contol Bulbs

3. Trunk Lid

4. Mildew Build up on Lights

5. Cracked Leather Steering.

Gonna fix all that stuff soon. And then im gonan Do a Custom Sound System In the Car ill be happy to spread the knowledge to whoever.

My first and only question is does any one know a link were i can buy the plastic lip on the front lower part of the bumper or any ideas of upgrades For axample a Lip kit to go all aroundthe car maybe!

Anyways Gotta go Glad to be part of the lexus fam. :D

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You can make your 92-94 look like later model but is it worth all the part conversion cost? If you use later model like ’97 bumper, you will be left with a large hole where the driving lights are placed unless you spend small fortune on the new original lights. If you are out to spend some money you should go for after market parts as that may save you few bucks but not much. You should call around for the black lip on your front bumper to see if it’s affordable. IMHO the taillights lights from the 95-97 look the best with clear lenses compare to the trimmed lights on 98-00 models. You should the call junkyards for the taillights and may be able to pick up the lip from a front damaged SC from 92-94 models. And may be able to find the replacement for all your broken parts. You may also want to check for PS oil leakage, as this was common problem on 92-94 models, which can damage your alternator. Have fun driving down the GW parkway.

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