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Help With A Part Name Or Number


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..Hi, my dad owns a LS430 2002, and recently he lost both of the front bumper corners, the little things that go under the bumper on the sides of the corner they seem to clip in place, when we got home *bam* gone and I've asked around and no one seems to know the name at least here in Dominican Republic, i went to my Lexus dealer and they told me it was "ribete" in english it would be trimming, edging but i didn't get any luck with does names, ill post a picture as soon as i get home *at work right now* if any one has ANY IDEA i would really appreciate it thanks in hand!.

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Like i promised here are the pictures, hope you guys can help me :(




This is the little part im talking about or at least where it goes! its the only picture i could find with good detail


that little corner..driving me crazy

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Updated to see if pictures are working now!..hope they are.


Posted Today, 07:52 AM

They are bumper side front (in hood diagram) run about $5- each just replaced them on my 04. Park Place Lexus

Hmmm imma check the hood diagram then, in any case do they have a part number ? i tried to search them in ebay under the description you gave me with no success, i'll do some browsing on Park Place Lexus site see what i can find, thanks :D!

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