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hi guys,

i had this annoying intermittent problem which i need to solve with your help i hope,i have a 97es300 which i adore ,i had a 95es before that one :) ,anyway when i start the car in the morning the car can't hold the idle ,it should go above the 1200 or 1300 rpm approx. then cools down to 750 rpm maybe after 7-10 min approx during the warming-up period,

now when i start it in the morning the rpm barely reaches the 500 rpm and the car gets a little shaky and feels like dying :( and if i press the gas pedal it goes up and everything is normal again :unsure: .and it does this only in the morning ,and not every morning ,but the case is getting worse and more frequent.

any help from my fellow lexus clan will be greatly appreciated. :huh:

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I don't own an ES, but this sounds your car's idle air control valve needs to be cleaned or replaced. This is a pretty well documented issue- do a search for "idle air control valve" or "IACV" and you should come up with some good information.

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