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Okay guys. I have two choices narrowed down. There is a 2000 Gs300 with 83k miles. . Then i have a 98 Gs3 with 63 k miles. From everyones experience on the forum, is there that big of a difference in the 2k and 98 models, and do you think i should play it safe with the low milage, or take the newer car. Thanks alot for your input i appreciate it.


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Also bear in mind that the 98 is the first run of the car and there have been some new model glitches. Also bear in mind that the 90k service is huge, and the 2000 is gonna need it soon.

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I would shop around some more.

I got a 2001 GS300 with just 19,500 miles for $25,795.00 and it was simply mint. I mean not a scratch at all. They were "asking" $29,995.00 but I kept working them. I got it at 4.9% with nothing down as well and a monthly pymt of $460. So I say be patient and look around some more. Get at least a '99-'00 range.

Good luck with your decision and advanced congrats on the purchase, Brent.

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