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Finally Scored An Ls


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Hello from a proud new LS 400 Owner! I'm Tom

Good to be here...

Just took delivery of my "new" 1995 LS400 (fleabay)

Got pretty lucky, it's not cherry but not a dog either.

Had the manual in the glovebox with a timing belt change at 120K

(car has 165K now so I am extermely happy)

At one time was a Lexus Certified Pre Owned car (99)

Washed the engine tonight, I don't believe that poor thing had been cleaned in years,

threw the check engine light with five codes for misfire, but that cleared up

and I cleared the code. No problem. I just can't abide a dirty motor,

especially on a $55,000 car.

Usual fixes are needed from what I read here they are common anyway

(cd mag stuck, tilt wheel non operative, antenna inoperative,)

but runs fantastic, and I believe out rides my 97 deville delegance.

This has always been my "dream car" glad it's finally here.

I'll make it as good as I can, and post some pics.

Also will have some questions.

Thanks in advance for your help and/or advice, which I will surely

need and appreciate!


1995 LS400 True Silver/Grey


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Congrats, looking forward to the pics of the LS.

Well, here's a pic of the work so far...


Got quite a bit accomplished today...all lights working, tilt working, oil changed,

detailed, now to paint the passenger mirror and wax...I guess not bad for under 4K

I don't think I could have done much better in tha price range. So far so good!

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