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1996 Es300 Door Panel Removal


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I just traded for a 1996 lexus es300, shortly after getting home the drivers side door no longer opens, I can hear the power locks working but it is remaining locked. I do not want to damage the door panel as I try to remove it to get a closer look at the problem. Also after talking to the shop replacing it with lexus parts is very expensive as they have to be speical ordered for a model this old. Much cheeper are camry parts I was wondering if anyone knew if the locking and door handles remained the same on both the camry and the es300?

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Sorry to hear of your probs. Bummer to get a new/used car only for problems to start. But then I've come to expect this -- particularly from vehicles 15 years old -- and encourage you to think of it as the first step down a journey of discovery.... (ya I know, pretty corny).

A few days after I bought my '94, the driver's window wouldn't go up. Had to dig into the door and learn it by doing.

I recall reading a post few months ago, someone had a similar problem to yours, ended up taking out the interior plastic door latch, accessing the control rods and opening the lock from there with creative use of pliers. Once the door's opened, you can take off the panel and figure out what part isn't working. Sometimes it's just cleaning off contacts. But itmay be the door lock actuators.

Parts can be found at u pull it junk yards, fairly inexpensive. And pulling the parts yourself provides free anatomy lessons.

Haynes manual for same year camry is definitely worth the investment if you plan to keep this car.

Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress.


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