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Hi there. I am new to Lexus in general, though am somewhat familiar with the 2JZ in the 94 SC 300 I just picked up. A friend of mine has a 95 mk IV and I used to have a 7M in my old mk III. I've fiddled with engine rebuilds, minor xmition work, some body work, paint and chassis work. At this point I am ready for a real project and, with the help of a friend's prodding, I picked up the SC 300. I havent broken down to any specifics and the ultimate direction for the car is still unknown, however I would like to do a full restore on the interior and possibly some custom as I am interested in doing some of my own upholstery. The exterior needs a facelift and has some topical rust in only one spot, I am thinking of going jet black with a nice gloss. Looking at going with a CF hood and trunk but painted black as well, never worked with CF though so I am open to suggestion its just that the hood is soo !Removed! heavy. I've seen CF doors online, but they're a bit expensive; has anyone worked with the CF doors for the SC? I am intending on doing a GTE build/rebuild, depending on what the best option seems to be at the time, in my garage including the transmition and complete drivetrain so that once it is done I can attempt a 1-day swap and then hopefully do a rebuild on what I pull out and recoup some of my expenses by selling the originals off. I know it will take some time and want to give it every ounce of time needed to arrive at the best result. I intend to lean on this community as much as possible and will hopefully get to a point where I can give back with Lexus specific information. Any and all comments, opinions, and assistance would be helpful.

As I said before I am working on the interior now, and am looking for the left and right interior door panel to include the door handle as those are snapped off. The driver's side is completely smashed, as I have removed the right side I understand the frustration without knowing straight-off about the bold behind the false panel in the door handle, if need-be I may be able to repair the passenger side and I guess color doesnt really matter as I am thinking of reupholstering/customizing these panels anyways. Mainly what I am really asking for is where I can go for good aftermarket and oem parts. Additionally what I am in need of most is a parts car so that I can pull parts from that car, get them powder-coated/rebuilt as needed, and then just swap them back out on my car.

Well I've been long-winded enough, I aspire to be a part of this community and hope to give out as much as I soak up. Thanks,


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