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Ultra Low Mileage 95 Sc 300 Help!


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I purchsed a 95 sc 300 a 6 years ago with only 8000 certified miles... the car is a show piece! pearl white /tan

with intentions of just turning it over to a performance shop and letting them loose on the car!!! well years later it never happened so after spending thousands of dollars for climate controled storage the car now reads 15,657 miles and I am done. SO my bone stock sc 300 is being given to my niece! I need to know the following. I have been drivng the car the past few days and am ready to turn over to her I had the car serviced at lexus yesturday and they did oil and air filter and said i was ok... do i need to do the timing belt on this car even though the miles are low because of time? I ALSO STILL HAVE ALL ORIGINAL HOSES RADIATOR, AND SURPINETINE BELT all look ok... I just want to make sure this car is ok to turn over after sitting so long.. oh ya.. the battery was dead so i installed a new die hard and my AIR BAG LIGHT IS ON!! HOW DO I GET THAT OUT??



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Need to take to the dealer to reset the code, due to the dead battery.

If you are handy try this

As for the other topics, if the dealership looked at the engine bay and gave a thumbs up everything should be ok.

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